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Flood Restoration

We supply professional flood restoration solutions for industrial and residential requirements. After a water damage circumstance, if you require restoration for the affected surface areas in your property, call us: we collaborate with extremely certified professionals who will utilize the most specific equipment to restore your property.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage produces different types of residues & odors. Our highly trained staff of specialists in fire damage restoration are fully equipped to deal with any type of emergency. Our staff is available 24/7 and our principal objective is to react quickly and efficiently to fix your home or business as quickly as possible.

Mold Removal

Does mold cause health problems if left untreated, but it could also actually damage the construction of your home as well. It’s pertinent to respond fast and begin with the mold removal process needed for your specific mold issue. Call us soon as you discover mold in your property or business.

Water Damage Restoration

Bring back a place after a water damage scenario is probably one of the most crucial steps that must be carried out in a professional way and that should be carried out only by real professionals. A repair job might involve procedures such as: drywall removal and setup, wood flooring repair work, tile flooring repair work, painting and carpet repair work and setup. This is our competence and we wish to provide you a 5 stars service.

Slab Leak Detection

When managing a slab leak at your house or business, you should absolutely contact a slab leak detection service business to analyze the problem and come out with the most effective services to provide an exceptional solution to you and your home before it is too late and the slab leak ends up causing much more challenging troubles for your residential or commercial property along with your pocket. We count with top-notch devices and modern technology as well as the experienced team that are part of our distinguished company to take care of any of your slab leak scenarios immediately.


We are aware that your property value is priceless and we focus on identifying what impacts it. As straightforward as a visible enemy till the key causative factor of your restlessness. Nowadays, water damage restoration can be avoided as long as all necessary measures were taken in time.

In Real Power Water Damage Restoration Inc. we have more than 19 years working for offering quality and qualified service. Because it’s not just about tools and the equipment but professionals with the experience to solve effectively and efficiently, always concentrated especially on the client’s satisfaction.

Water damage strikes when you least expect that, then, time is your enemy. That dedication and investment you made could conclude into a water damage restoration. Prevention will be always a determinant element to reduce the risk level and our dedication is our best cover letter.

Tackling our services, the fire or water damage restoration, mold removal, water extraction, flooding clean up and crawl spaces clean up, they are just a few integrated and inclusive measures that we are well prepared to apply.
Finally, our standing is due to the guarantee we provide to our customers with results in record time and reasonable costs.

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